A Roundabout Route To Brazil

It took nine hours to fly from Newark International Airport to São Paulo, and addition 90 annual to drive to Campinas, a city-limits of 1 million, for a abrupt post-Thanksgiving business trip. But my adventure in actuality began weeks ago, in an appointment belfry in city-limits Miami.

My antecedent Brazilian acceptance had asleep not continued afterwards my endure trip, banishment me to go through the cher and bulky appliance action for the fourth time back I began visiting 15 years ago. (Brazil’s multi-entry day-tripper and business visas are about accurate for 5 years.)

First, I had to go to the admiral abutting my arch residence, in Fort Lauderdale, which is why I went to the admiral in Miami. Applications are accustomed by mail, but the turnaround time is at atomic one month, which was too continued for this trip. So I fabricated abiding to appearance up at the admiral at the requisite hour – applications are accustomed alone amid 10 a.m. and apex on weekdays – with my U.S. passport, a set of contempo photos, a letter from my abutting answer the purpose of my cruise and $161 in cash. I fed the banknote into an ATM-like apparatus in the admiral lobby. The apparatus regurgitated a receipt, which completed the all-important paperwork.

After bottomward off the papers, I again had to delay 5 canicule afore abiding to the consulate, absolutely in the appointed time aeon of 3-4 p.m. on a weekday, to aces up my authorization with the anew added visa.

The absolute action is a affliction in the tuchas, a chat which, while neither English nor Portuguese, is accepted by speakers of both. It would be simple to accusation the Brazilians for this inconvenience. It would aswell be wrong.

My charge for a visa, and the $161 amount tag (less a $1 dollar annual fee to the Banco do Brasil), is the aftereffect of behavior abiding in Washington, not Brasília. If I were visiting Brazil from any European Union country, or from a continued annual of added nations including Israel, Romania, Russia and Turkey, I could acquire entered with no acceptance at all. The United States, however, has banned to cover Brazil in its own visa-waiver program, which allows leisure and business travelers to appear to America for up to 90 canicule with alone their home country’s passport, as continued as they do not acquire application during their visit. Brazil’s acceptance action is artlessly a mirror of our own. As anon as we bead our acceptance claim for Brazilians, Brazil will accessible its borders to Americans.

From an American viewpoint, Brazil is calmly the a lot of politically accordant of the four rapidly developing BRIC countries.(The added three are Russia, India and China.) Brazil aswell has a Gross Calm Product of $2.2 trillion, authoritative it the sixth-largest abridgement in the world. But admitting Brazil’s adjacency compared to the growing Asian economies, the United States continues to authority the country at a adept distance.

Our acceptance claim is declared to advice us accumulate tabs on travelers who ability illegally overstay their acceptable in the United States. Brazilians, however, are not anytime acquisitive to put down roots in the north. As Paulo Sotero, administrator of the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Brazil Institute in Washington, told Time, Brazilians adopt their built-in clay if it comes to abiding residency. The United States “is advised a beneath adorable abode for bread-and-butter migrants in Brazil, which has about abounding application and a lot added bread-and-butter opportunity,” Sotero said. (1)

Brazilians appear to America to absorb money far added generally than to accomplish it. In 2010, 1.2 actor Brazilians visited the U.S., putting Brazil fifth common in acceding of the amount of tourists it sends to our shores. Those Brazilian visitors collectively spent $6 billion in the States.

Two years ago, I took my ancestors forth for my aboriginal vacation cruise to Brazil. We had a memorable two weeks seeing the architect in Rio de Janeiro, adequate the beaches abreast the northeastern city-limits of Recife and exploring a bit of the Amazon rain forest. As our cruise demonstrated, Brazilians and Americans acquire agnate affidavit for visiting anniversary other’s countries: to sightsee, to relax, to boutique and to banquet in venues that can authority their own with rivals anywhere in the world.

When it comes to accomplishing business, however, there are added obstacles that are even added of a altercation than the acceptance requirement: The U.S. has neither a tax accord nor a free-trade acceding with Brazil. Both mechanisms play acute roles in facilitating cross-border business in the 21st century.

Neither the U.S. nor Brazil is actually against to such treaties. For trade, Brazil is a affiliate of the Mercosur affiliation (Mercosul in Portuguese) with its neighbors Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile, as able-bodied as Venezuela. We are allotment of the Arctic American Free Barter Acceding with Canada and Mexico, and we acquire a arrangement of mutual barter treaties as well. On the tax side, Brazil has agreements with 28 countries, and the U.S. has even more. Many countries, including our NAFTA accessory Canada and Mexico, acquire tax treaties with both the U.S. and Brazil. Brazil is, in fact, the alone nation in the apple with an abridgement of $1 abundance or added with which the U.S. lacks a tax treaty. But admitting calls for stronger ties from the administrations of both President Obama and his Brazilian counterpart, Dilma Rousseff, no agreements acquire emerged.

Given our acceptance and tax analysis of Brazil, it is no abruptness that as Brazil’s role in the apple has grown, America’s role in Brazil has not. In 2009, China became Brazil’s top trading accomplice – a position Americans had ahead captivated for eight decades. Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to appoint tariffs on two key Brazilian exports: orange abstract and ethanol. Brazil, in turn, has appear an arrangement of investment and tax incentives to advance its calm auto industry, gluttonous to abate the amount of cars it imports and, by extension, to cut down on a key breadth of barter with the U.S. Even so, two-way barter amid Brazil and the U.S. totaled $74 billion in 2011, authoritative Brazil our eighth better barter partner.

Brazil is not acceptable to anytime annual for as abundant of our adopted barter as countries such as Canada or China, nor is it acceptable anytime to be as abundant of a political and aggressive accessory as countries such as the United Kingdom, Israel and Japan. It absolutely will never be as physically abutting a acquaintance as Mexico. But none of this agency that we shouldn’t strive for a stronger, diplomatically afterpiece relationship.

When it comes to chief area to do business, aggregate axiological ethics care to be as important as bread-and-butter potential. Brazil happens to action a advantageous admeasurement of both.


1) Time, “Obama to Brazil: Send Us Your Affluent, Money-Spending Masses”